Money Heist third part

Thanks to Netflix, the greatest Spanish television phenomenon of all time returns.

The only Spanish series that won an Emmy award will undoubtedly maintain its quality, fame and international prestige.

Money Heist 3. The third challenge

Grupo Aranda Arte Efímero, has once again been in charge of making the sets for this magnificent series, which consists of a spectacular setting. The best guarantee of success has been to count on Fernando González as director of art and design of sets and with Abdón Alcañiz as artistic director, decorator and air freshener. All a sure bet of Alex Pina and his team of Vancouver Media to repeat the success of the past seasons.

In this new season, five time lines will be developed. In the present the preparation and execution of the new robbery will happen. Through other flashbacks, the viewer will unravel important parts of the plot.

Money Heist third part. The Professor
Staircase of the Bank of Spain of Money Heist third part.

The decorations of Money Heist: Part Three (La Casa de Papel):

Much of the recording of the series has been shot at the facilities of the City of Tele in Tres Cantos, Madrid. Two huge sets of more than 1500 m2 with several floors, totaling 15 meters high. In these, rooms that simulate the interior of several buildings have been built. In addition, other shooting sets have been built at the Vancouver Media facilities in Colmenar Viejo. All this makes a sum of more than 4500 meters of implementation of sets.

But the biggest challenge we have faced has been the construction of a huge covered patio, with walls 15 meters high and some spans of up to 25 linear meters. Undoubtedly, much of the impressive atmosphere has been based on the fact that 100% of the sets are roofed, providing “that atmosphere” so characteristic of the series.

General view of the Hall of the Bank of Spain of Money Heist
Construction of sets The house of Money Heist
The prelude to the vault of the Bank of Spain
Access door to the vault of MONEY HEIST Third Part
As expected, this has been an even greater challenge than for the previous seasons. For this reason, more than 6 months of frenetic construction work have been invested in which more than 60 people have intervened. It is worth noting the handmade manufacture of more than 3500m2 of hand-painted boards imitating marble and granite. Also, the great technical work of our staff, which has made spectacular renderings for the construction of the sets.
Blueprint rendering
Rendering of plans of the access hall of the Bank of Spain
Construction plans of the Paper House


We would like to highlight the participation of Yulian Plamenov, through his company DinamicArt, which has been in charge of the scenic elements. Authentic works of art made in Porexpan with an ultra realistic finish.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention all our staff, the true architects of this huge task. Without them it would not have been possible to face such a challenge. The whole team of Grupo Aranda expects you to enjoy the new seasons of La Casa de Papel and invites you to join La Resintencia.

The paper house (Money Heist) was originally issued in Spain in 2017 by Antena 3 and in January 2018 made the leap to the rest of the world through Netflix. In April of that same year, its second part was launched. The third season of La casa de Papel 3, will begin airing on July 19, 2019 on this streaming platform.

The team of scriptwriters visit for the first time the set of filming of Money Heist: Third part.

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Manufacturing process of the lattices of the access doors to the different rooms of the “Bank of Spain”. All made of wood and finished to simulate cast iron.

Building security doors such as the “Bank of Spain” in Money Heist, was a greater challenge than in previous seasons. This time it has been built with four layers cut in the Numerical Control Center and painted simulating metal. All a spectacular trampantojo performed by our staff.

Carpentry of Grupo Aranda manufacturing elements of the decoration of Money Heist
Detail of the construction of the armored door of Money Heist
Set construction. TV City Studios
Money Heist Third Part render
Javier Aranda supervises the construction work of Money Heist
See you in season 4 of La Casa de Papel

Photo: Darko Peric