Production staff performing the latest tasks and camera tests in the new Intermediate Plató
Large plasma monitor with a led light frame for the new set of El Intermedio
El Objetivo detail set


New set for the thirteenth season.

To begin this new season of The Intermediate, The Great Wyoming, in its excellent wisdom, has counted on us to help in the manufacture and assembly of the new set. Therefore, you can enjoy this great work every day at La Sexta.

Also his usual collaborators, will return to La Sexta to analyze the news with criticism and humor. In addition, we will have the participation of Andrés Velencoso as sponsor of the premiere of the longest-running program of La Sexta. But most importantly, they also premiere set.

Luckily, Grupo Aranda has once again collaborated with Globomedia in its development, manufacturing and assembly. After all, we have had the invaluable collaboration and “workforce” of The Great Wyoming.

The elements.

As for the set of El Intermedio, a central stage presides over the central space of the set. Therefore, much of the program will take place in it. This highlights the figure of the presenter and the collaborators. We also have another smaller platform that will be the lectern of another smaller and taller table.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning the two new tables to place the action depending on the segment of the program. First, the central with chairs for Wyoming and the collaborators of El Intermedio. Another smaller and high to point out in the sections.

In contrast to this, for one of the backgrounds, decorative elements with corporate colors have been chosen. Especially relevant is a large logo on a world map of LED lighting, which makes up the central panel. Two large screens have been included on the sides, “the plasmas”, where the videos of each news will be presented.

Finally, it is worth noting the construction of the roof elements of the funds. Therefore, for this work we have opted for a continuous banner over the entire background, where messages can be projected.

Production staff in the new set of El Intermedio placing the last elements.Video publicado en
View of one of the plasma panels of the set of El Intermedio from the point of view of the public.
General view of the El Intermedio plasma monitor
General view of the new table of the Intermediate. The seats are still plasticized.
General view of the new table of the Intermediate. The seats are still plasticized.