The magnificent series premieres its second season on TVE 1

We create great sets for large series. I’m alive, from LA 1 of TVE, it’s a good proof of that


First of all, we must highlight the mix of genres that are given in this Globomedia proposal. Action, comedy, drama, have made this fiction an audience leader. In this new season. We can see how an unknown past disrupts the life of the protagonists. Brushstrokes of classic terror, dot the next chapters of this fiction created by Daniel Écija.

The planning and construction of these spaces has been a huge challenge, since fiction has developed in different spaces. The houses of the protagonists, police station … a great effort rewarded with magnificent audience data.

detrás de la cámara rodaje estoy vivo
mesa del despacho del capitán de la comisaria estoy vivo
tres de los protagonistas de estoy vivo
Mesas de policías en la comisaría de Estoy vivo
Salón de casa de Laura. Estoy Vivo
Mesas de policías en la comisaría de Estoy vivo
Fernando González and Daniel Chaves, with their artistic direction, in collaboration with Globomedia, has achieved that I’m Live has an urban aesthetic in all aspects of the series. Functional and optimized sets to speed up the recording of each chapter of the series. Of course, it has opted for recreation to the smallest details, being very meticulous in the recreation of spaces. It should be noted the great finish of all the elements that provide truth to each plane.

vista de cámara en la cocina de Laura en estoy vivo
vista desde la cocina
escritorio de policía. Estoy Vivo
Primer plano de cámara Anna Castillo Estoy vivo
habitación casa Laura estoy vivo
Vista general del pasillo de la casa de Márquez. Estoy vivo.
vista de cámara sala de estar estoy vivo
Set de decorado Estoy vivo. Salón
vista del sofá de casa de Márquez. Estoy vivo